Les Clefs d’Or – translated to “Keys of Gold” in French – is an elite group of concierge members armed with extraordinary skills. Similar to a Master Sommelier for wine professionals, Les Clefs d’Or aspirants undertake a rigorous six month vetting process to join the organization which currently only has 650 members in America.

ARIA Resort & Casino, an AAA Five Diamond luxury resort that goes to incredible lengths to deliver exceptional services and experiences for travelers, is home to the most Les Clefs d’Or members in Las Vegas. ARIA’s 10 gold key associates are seasoned pros who can assist with everything from simple questions to extremely complex requests.  

  • Tested with Conviction – During the application process, candidates undergo a hefty series of tests that range from essays and phone interviews to mystery shoppers who secretly assess a candidate’s knowledge and quality of service. While this is going on, they receive a two-to-three week written exam that can be about any subject such as who the correct contact is to help with a specific ask or what the proper procedure is to fulfill a request. These questions are most often based on an ethical scenario designed to gauge how far an individual will go to accomplish a task for a guest.
  • Service Through Friendship – To concierge professionals, building relationships with their community is vital as they rely on those relations to fulfill guests’ requests. The Les Clefs d’Or membership committee will call a candidate’s surrounding community to check on their personality and professionalism, and a candidate must receive three positive calls to pass.      
  • Genuine Desire to Serve – Those hoping to be a part of the organization must first be a full-time concierge at a hotel for at least five years before they can even apply. They have to be extremely knowledgeable about their city as well as general topics and demonstrate excellent problem-solving skills to complete any guests’ demands.