Tournament of Kings at Excalibur is one of the longest running dinner-shows on The Strip and for Antonio Restivo, TOK’s “Mordred,” it’s a place for him to show off his fire-breathing talent. Restivo appeared on the fifth season of “America’s Got Talent,” making it to the semi-final round before elimination. He’s also the 2011 World Record Holder for the “Highest Flame Blown by a Fire Breather.” He took some time to tell us about his unique passion for fire and experiences performing with it.
How did you get into performing with fire?
Well, I was eight years old playing with my best friend and I lit his backyard on fire. By the time the fire department showed up I had burned nearly six acres of property. Thank goodness no one was hurt and the house did not burn down. Years after that, I met a woman named Amber who had learned to spin Poi (Indonesian fire spinning). She taught me what she knew and the rest I’ve learned along the way. When I started spinning fire, there were only about four or five of us. Now, there is an entire community of fire spinners. 

How was your experience on “America’s Got Talent?”
I had an amazing experience on “America’s Got Talent.” I was blessed that I was able to take off so much time from Tournament of Kings to perform on the show.  It was also so much fun performing in Tournament of Kings during AGT as a lot of our guests saw me on TV and came out to see my talents in our live show.
How do you keep your act fresh performing six nights a week at Excalibur?
Even though we perform every night, the show is always different because our audience is different. Every night is exciting; it’s the first time for each new audience member. It’s a live theater with actors, dancers, stunt men, horses and, of course, a lot of fire!
Do you have any pre-show preparations?
Before the show, I am focused on fueling my props as well as inspecting them to ensure they are safe to use. This is a critical part to my role in the show.

If you had to play a different character in the show, who would it be and why?
For sure, I would play “Merlin.” I enjoy playing a wizard in the show and if I had to step into someone else’s shoes, it would have to be my arch enemy’s.
What can the audience expect when they come to experience Tournament of Kings?
The great thing is, it truly is for all ages. Guests can expect to have fun, laugh and get lost in a magical experience. We transport the entire arena to a different world (and time)! It’s the only experience in Las Vegas where the audience can feast (with their hands), cheer, laugh and boo (the other Knights), all while having a great time!


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