Eleven Partners with Renowned Photographer & Artist Luke Gilford to Create Artistic and Arresting Commercials, Reframing the Las Vegas Travel Experience

SAN FRANCISCO (March 11, 2014)ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas introduces a new ad campaign featuring the themeline: ARIA. This Is How We Vegas™, created by Eleven Inc. in San Francisco. ARIA is leading the way in redefining the luxury resort experience in Las Vegas, providing a destination different from any other on The Strip.  The ad campaign highlights the many unexpected indulgences guests discover during an ARIA stay. At the centerpiece of the campaign are three artistic and arresting commercials shot by renowned photographer, filmmaker and artist Luke Gilford. The beautifully filmed commercials showcase the unique luxury experience that is ARIA, and available to each and every guest.  The commercials (hyperlinked here) are simply entitled -- Pool, Spa and Room
Carl Cohen, Vice President of Marketing for the ARIA campus including ARIA, The Shops at Crystals and Vdara Hotel & Spa, said, “From the moment we saw this idea, we felt that Eleven was on to something. This campaign has the potential to achieve great things for ARIA.  ARIA creates a refreshingly upscale approach for Las Vegas visitors and we have developed a campaign that shares this emotive message. This work reintroduces ARIA to luxury travelers by leveraging the many guest experiences that make us special. Eleven’s approach to our business is broader than advertising, and will impact all aspects of a guest’s experience with the ARIA brand.”
Mike McKay, Chief Creative Officer, Eleven, stated, “Advertising that can make consumers feel something tends to stay with them. So, for ARIA, we wove artful visuals with unexpected words and music to redefine the Las Vegas experience."
This is the first work for ARIA from Eleven, who was named agency-of-record in October.  Eleven’s scope of work encompasses all integrated brand, food and beverage, casino and convention lines of business. Creative elements for this campaign focus heavily on television and digital video content, in order to convey the ARIA story and experience through highly emotional mediums. Print and social support the effort.