LOCATION:                                     MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
                                                            3799 Las Vegas Blvd.
                                                            Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
                                                            Across from Centrifuge
RESERVATIONS:                           (702) 891-7888
SOCIAL MEDIA:                              Website: hakkasan.com
                                                            Twitter: https://twitter.com/hakkasanlv
MANAGEMENT:                              General Manager – Yannick Augy
OPENING DATE:                              May 3, 2013
HOURS OF OPERATION:               Sunday – Thursday, 5 p.m. – 11 p.m.
                                                              Friday & Saturday, 5 p.m. – midnight
DRESS CODE:                                   Smart casual dress encouraged, dress jackets not required.
TOTAL SQUARE FOOTAGE:          20,000 square feet
CAPACITY:                                         Total: 235
                                                               Bar seating: 17
                                                               Main dining room: 190
                                                               Private dining room: 28
Hakkasan Las Vegas at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino is the bold evolution of the prestigious global restaurant brand into an all-encompassing nightlife experience.  This unique convergence of dramatic design, modern Cantonese cuisine, world-class mixology and exclusive musical talent collaborations across numerous genres creates a nightclub and restaurant concept that is momentous in scale and ambition.

International Development Chef Ho Chee Boon is a Michelin-starred chef with 24 years of experience at several of the world’s most renowned Asian restaurants, including Hakkasan Hanway Place in London, Turandot in Moscow and Breeeze in Bangkok. Boon has been with Hakkasan since its inception and was the chef behind the original Michelin-starred location in London. His international culinary expertise transforms any restaurant and its cuisine into a true epicurean experience.
At the heart of the restaurant is the kitchen, a dramatic culinary theatre helmed by Michelin-starred Chef
Ho Chee Boon and his team of highly skilled wok and dim sum chefs at center-stage. Their artistry is
responsible for Hakkasan classics such as stir-fried black pepper rib-eye beef with Merlot, and silver cod
with champagne and Chinese honey. Accompanying the delectable menu are expansive wine and
cocktail programs, carefully curated by the talented Hakkasan team. Patrons will be pleased to explore
the restaurant’s selection of internationally- and locally produced libations carefully chosen to
complement different aspects of the menu.
Enveloped in shades of blue signature to the brand, the entrance to Hakkasan is like entering a different world. Upon arrival, guests are greeted by ambient sounds, scents and lighting, all key elements making up Hakkasan’s DNA, creating a relaxed mood and sensual vibe. Located on the first level is the main dining area, separated by latticed woodwork known as the “Cage” allowing for intimate dining spaces within the main room while still sharing the atmosphere of the entire dining area. The Private Dining Room (PDR) on the second level overlooks the main room giving guests a birds-eye view of the awe-inspiring immense “Cage” sure to wow any onlooker. When sectioned off, each room within the PDR can either seat up to 18 or 10 guests or once combined a maximum of 28 guests.
Hakkasan enlisted several leading international design firms, including Gilles & Bossier from Paris and New York’s 212 Design, to create an immersive five-level space that offers a variety of experiences and atmospheres. Its progressive design is the next iteration of the brand’s distinctive aesthetic: a contemporary interpretation of classic Chinoiserie, re-imagined for Las Vegas.
Hakkasan is a restaurant with a vibrant, cocktail focused bar hosting a live DJ in the restaurant.


Stephanie Capellas
Hakkasan Group

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